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January 21, 2017
La Crosse GOP Opposes Proposed County Sales Tax, Elects Officers
Campbell, Wis – The La Crosse County Republican Party re-elected Bill Feehan as chairman and unanimously passed a resolution opposing the Premier Resort Area Tax (PRAT), a new county sales tax, at its annual county caucus on Saturday.
“La Crosse County already takes enough tax money from the public. The county needs to do a better job at prioritizing its spending. The fact that the people pay some county bureaucrats six figure salaries just so they can cook up new ways to soak the taxpayers should outrage everyone in La Crosse County,” Feehan said.
“It’s clear county officials will never get tired of shaking down the taxpayers for even more of their hard-earned money. This needs to stop,” Feehan said.
The party also elected its executive committee and officers for 2017-19:
    • Chairman: Bill Feehan
    • Vice Chairman: Doug “Stoli” Nikolai
    • Secretary: Colman Silbernagel
    • Treasurer: Jason Knack
    • Executive Committee: Dave Peschau, Bernardo Cueto, Nick Newman, Hubert Hoffman, James Smith
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